Future of Entrepreneurship

In the past, every entrepreneur had to be a generalist. Consider a restaurant entrepreneur, in addition to being a good cook, the founder must be able to obtain funds, hire workers, choose location and decor, obtain food supplies at a reasonable cost, keep books and market the restaurant. Being a good cook is insufficient for success. In order to hire someone to perform the other tasks, it is necessary to have at least some basic knowledge of the outsourced area so that the right vendor decisions are made.

Today driven and passionate entrepreneurs can impact the lives of millions or billions of people. They need to have the right partners to help with technology, vision and funding. Vision with the ability to execute is the key difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. You don’t have to be a generalist and “do it all”. You need the right partners and team to minimize the risk of restaurant failure. RHIG focuses on the skills to help a restaurant owner accomplish her/his vision and grow the concept. We will bring the right team member (generalist or specialist) as the situation demands, so you can focus on growing your concept and brand.

Check out this book from Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotler that discusses the entrepreneurial concepts around technology, mindset and funding.

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