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Southern Grounds

Known for outstanding hospitality and guest experience, Southern Grounds (aka “SoGro”) is a modern coffee house pairing sustainable chef-driven food with impeccably grown, sourced and roasted coffee. We believe a great cup of coffee connects people, starts conversations and creates communities. We have created a concept that allows the community to gather together in a relaxing environment with great food. A coffee shop is more than a restaurant: it's a community hub. A recipient of a Slow Food Snail™ of Approval award with an unwavering commitment to quality and community, this brand is passionate about bringing whole, nutritious and sustainably sourced food and beverage offerings while caring for the environment and reducing waste. Its mission is to Nourish, Nurture and Inspire healthy community life by giving back.

Blueberry Bakery

Centered upon the ideas of creativity and collaboration, Blueberry Bakery is the birthplace of our interpretation of desserts from around the world. Visit Blueberry Bakery and you can choose your heart's desire from truffles, brittle, pies, cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, petits gâteaux des entremets, fruit tarts,  morning buns, croissants, pain du chocolat and more. Our bakers and pastry chefs work each day to deliver the best possible handmade products, never compromising the quality or taste. After all, baking is love. Whether it’s a loaf of bread or a double-crust apple pie, when you bake for someone, you are sharing a part of yourself. At blueberry bakery, our belief is that we can spread our love, joy, and gratitude to the entire world through our baking. 

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Oaxaca Club

The name Oaxaca Club comes from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, which is considered the food capital of Mexico. Oaxaca is known for its distinctive cuisine, which is characterized by flavorful moles, fresh herbs, quesillo and mezcal. A closer look at the traditions of the region reveal a laborious, intricate cooking technique and flavor profiles where “time” is the main ingredient.  This concept is a continuation of our slow food philosophy toward hospitality that our customers have experienced at Southern Grounds. We are on a mission to achieve a sophisticated, complex medley of otherworldly flavors in the unique offerings of this cuisine. The food experience will be paired with an agave-centric cocktail bar, freshly made margaritas, housemade sangria and tequila/ mezcal flights. Moles, chocolates, tamales, stuffed chilis, fresh salsa, charred avocado with toasted pumpkin seeds and herb crema, wood-fired rosemary lemon oysters, pork belly, grilled prawns with habanero mango salsa, nopales and fire-roasted corn, roasted meats and coastal inspired dishes will all be part of the dining experience. The restaurant will change each season to bring you the freshest flavors.

Alder & Oak

Coming Soon!

Alder & oak focuses on rustic, aegean inspired wood-fired dishes. When you sit down to a meal with family and friends at A&O, you share a collective experience. The menu elevates humble ingredients, highlights Mediterranean flavors, and brings an enlightened ethos of seasonality and sustainability to every dish.Our honest, Modern Mediterranean-inspired cuisine is freshly made with wholesome ingredients; A place to celebrate our community with family and friends while savoring healthy seasonal food.


Barrels & Bottles

As foodies, chefs, restaurateurs and industry pros who understand the stories behind a great meal or a great cocktail, we've always given our libations the same scrutiny we give our cuisine. At Barrels and Bottles, we believe the good drink movement is right behind the good food movement — and we're doing our part to be your go-to distributor for global, sustainable spirits. Whether you enjoy gin, vodka, rum, brandy, tequila or whiskey, the finest spirits are made from organic crops . . . never with chemicals. Visit Oaxaca Club and try Barrels & Bottles' first artisanal spirit: a mezcal from Mitla. Together with hard-working farmers, passionate distillers — and you, our conscientious customer — we can change this planet, one pour at a time.

The Rosetta Room

Coming Soon!

The Rosetta Room is part soulful culinary journey, part boutique restaurant. A modern interpretation of rustic coastal Italian dishes. More to come soon...

Fancy Restaurant
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